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Thursday, November 1, 2012

End of Season

Hello MP Market Goers!

Though the market has ended and the weather has gotten much cooler; Mineral Point still has plenty of happenings! Here are just a couple that we want to tell you about...the Driftless Film Festival is coming once again to Mineral Point and opens tonight! In addition, the Southwest Wisconsin Book Festival is also coming to Mineral Point in late November. It is going to be a busy holiday season, but don’t miss out on the opportunities that Mineral Point offers.

Yes your Saturday mornings are free once again, but what can one say about the Mineral Point Market and its end for the season? “It’s over, already?”, "Where am I going to get my fix of farm produce?", "Oh no, I forgot to get my Christmas gifts at the market!" We the vendors have had a wonderful season sharing our love for homegrown/homemade products that entice not only your appetite but your eyes as well. Thank you so much for supporting the market, we all appreciate you so very much.

In case you didn’t know, many of the vendors from the market continue to sell their products throughout the winter. Many of the art vendors have wonderful items for Christmas and birthday presents. In addition, the delicious food you seek out at market is available year-round from many of the vendors. Vendors like: Marr’s, Gough’s, Bures’, and Shooting Star all have outlets to sell at throughout the winter as does Lacey's Lathers and a few others. There is also Green Square, where you can order products online for pickup on Wednesday. So don’t let the end of market get you down. There is still plenty of beauty and deliciousness available. Be sure to read below for more details about vendors and their product availability.

Have a wonderful holiday season!  We look forward to seeing you next May at Water Tower Park, Business Hwy 151 at Madison Street, Mineral Point! 8:30 to 11:00 a.m.

Kathy Bures
Mineral Point Market

Following is the list of who will be vending throughout the winter. If you would like to learn more about our vendors click on the vendors tab above.

Bob's Bitchin' BBQ Sauce
Bob and Judy Page have opened a new restaurant in Dodgeville!  Find them on Facebook for the latest info.
Bures Berry Patch
Bures Berry Patch has farm fresh eggs, squash, and pie pumpkins available at the patch.  We are open daily from 9am-7pm on a self-serve basis.  Didn't know we have chickens?  We have a flock of just over 100 chickens!  They are able to free range and are not treated with any antibiotics.  Their bright yellow yolk is a sign of higher than typical levels of beta-carotene, giving you multiple eye health benefits.  And their flavor is unbelievable!  Visit us at http://www.buresberrypatch.com/ to learn more or like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/buresberrypatch for the latest shovel on what's happening in the Patch! See you in the Patch!
Farmer's Daughter's Kitchen
We will have things available through the winter, especially through the holidays. We will be taking orders for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Watch for our ads in the local newspapers for goodies we will be offering. Please call us with orders or questions! Get ready for the holidays with pie bars, dessert bars and more!   Call Becky at 608-293-4660.
Gough's Gorgeous Farm Goods
During the winter months (November thru April), we will be marketing our eggs every 1st Saturday in Platteville at Trinity Episcopal Church 210 Market St (8am-12pm), every 2nd Saturday in Mineral Point at Point Foods Parking Lot (10am-1pm), and every 3rd Saturday in Monroe at Monroe Masonic Temple at 1613 1/2 10th St. (9am-2pm) starting November 3rd.  (Weather Permitting).  Customers can all so find our produce on Green Square.
Head 2 Toe
During the winter months we will sell from our home store and at Robin's Wellness Center in Mineral Point on Main Street.  We don't have a web site we do have an email jeani_heisz@hotmail.com.  Thanks so much for checking us out at the Mineral Point Market.  608-822-6410 God Bless Pat and Jeani Heisz Head 2 Toe
James' Pine Valley Farm
I will have chicken available throughout the winter.  Whole chickens, half chickens, breast quarters and leg/thigh quarters.  Phone number 987-2245.
Lacey's Lathers Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions
Thank you all for another successful market year! I am always amazed how many people are willing to sacrifice thier Saturday mornings for local products! Thank you! My soaps and lotions are availible all year through me! and Also at the following locations; Kountry Treasure Chest, Monfort; Grandma's Garden, Fennimore; Classic Reruns, Bocobel; Driftless Market, Platteville and coming soon across from the courthouse in Dodgeville with Vintage Vestibule Candles.
Feel free to contact me with your orders; laceyslathers@yahoo.com 1608-574-9829 or through facebook, www.facebook.com/laceyslathers  See you in the spring!!!  Clare Heberlein
Marr's Valley View Farms
The Mineral Point Market is over, but we continue to offer our wide variety of high quality, flavorful, Pork and Black Angus Beef products available for your eating enjoyment.  
We have multiple ways for you to purchase our family farm raised, flavorful meats in the off-Market season: 
1.  Phone:   Call Lois - 608-574-2899
2.  E-mail:   Lois - federman@charter.net
3.  Join our Farm Connection Meat CSA:  Receive monthly deliveries of Beef/Chicken/Lamb and Pork - pick-up in Mineral Point. 
     Visit http://www.localharvest.org/csa/M5546 for more details.
4.  Online:  www.greensq.net; order Sunday's 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; pickup Wednesday's in Mineral Point
THANK YOU to all of you, our loyal customers, for supporting us year round.
All of us at Marr's Valley View Farms.
Shooting Star Farm

Thanks to everyone for supporting our great little market by coming out in the heat, rain, and cold. You are the best customers! What’s left of our produce will be available through Green Square.  Go to the website to sign up as a customer. Ordering takes place on Sunday only, and pickup is Wednesday.  We hope to offer some extra early items in the spring of 2013, and they will be available on the site as well. Have a great fall and winter! Rink, Jenny, and Charlie

Turtle Hill Wilds
Hello All!  Turtle Hill Wilds has raw wildflower honey, honey creams, and small batch preserves available throughout the winter.  Please call with your order.  All of these wonderful products honoring the nectar of the gods make great holiday gifts.  We would love to hear from you!  Our contact information is 608-523-4213 and naturekeep@tds.net.  Best regards, Cindy and Charles Ramseyer 

If you are interested in being a vendor, contact Jenny Bonde at starfarm@mhtc.net or Lois Federman at federman@charter.net.

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